A Foreigner of Bangladesh Origin Faked His Injuries on Social Media

The Ombudsman Commission on its own initiative conducted an investigation into the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority for the alleged beating up and detention of a foreigner, of Bangladesh origin.

A report by the Post-Courier alleged that the detainee was subject to unlawful beating and detention whilst in the custody of the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority (PNG ICA).

The Ombudsman Commission in response to the media speculation carried out its own initiative investigations with the PNG ICA and Bomana Immigration Centre (BIC) and found out that the foreigner faked his injuries with the assistance of his wife and other detainees and published it on social media.

When asked why he did it, he said that he intentionally fabricated it because he did not want to be imprisoned but he wanted to be with his family. Medical checks were done on him and it was confirmed that there were no injuries sustained or bruises on his limbs as speculated.

He apologized to PNGICA and other authorities for the negative publicity that he had fabricated. He told the media that there was no treatment amounting to a human rights violation.

The Commission found that the faked publication tarnished the good name of the PNG ICA and BIC and the good work that they do.

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