Community Health Worker Complains of Unpaid Outstanding Salaries

A complaint was lodged with the Ombudsman Commission by a community health worker on alleged non-payment of five (5) months’ outstanding salaries and allowances.   

The community health worker was enlisted on the payroll in the fifth month however the backdated salaries and allowances to his date of commencement in 2016 was not paid. 

The Commission referred the matter to the Chief Executive Officer of East New Britain Provincial Health Authority (ENB PHA). The ENB PHA then liaised with the Department of Personnel Management.

Upon checks and validations conducted by the Department of Personal Management, it was revealed that the community health worker was owed a net salary K12, 769.06 for 2016. The claim however could not be processed for payment as it was not captured in the 2018 Personnel Emoluments budget and therefore considered as an unbudgeted item. The ENB PHA Human Resources Division reconciled with the Monitoring & Compliance Division of DPM for the claim to be settled under ENB PHA’s Operating Account.  

In December of 2021, ENB PHA advised the Commission that the community health worker was paid K12, 769.06 in outstanding salaries and allowances. The community health worker expressed his gratitude to the Commission for the successful outcome.

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