Community Health Worker Put on Payroll and Receives Eight 8 Months Missed Out Pay

A Community Health Worker (CHW) employed by the Madang Provincial Health Authority (Madang PHA) complained to the Ombudsman Commission on the allegation of not being put on the payroll, and hence not being paid for eight (8) months whilst serving the Madang PHA.

The complainant applied for the CHW position which was advertised in the newspaper with the Madang PHA in December 2020 and was offered the position on 7th January 2021. The complainant accepted the offer by signing the acceptance letter.

Since the acceptance of the offer letter, the CHW was not placed on the Madang PHA payroll, however was advised by Madang PHA that the Department of Personal Management (DPM) would look into the pay issue. DPM advised Madang PHA that the recruitment of the CHW was nullified by DPM due to Madang PHA not complying with the DPM recruitment procedures. The issue was then ratified by DPM and the CHW was officially awarded the position which she applied for but was not put on the payroll.

The Commission investigated the matter in October of 2021 and within eighteen months the CHW was put on the Madang PHA payroll and paid her the eight (8) months missed out salary of K13, 366. 30.

The CHW conveyed her gratitude to the Commission for assisting her to be put on the Madang PHA payroll and also for being paid her eight (8) months of missed salary.

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  1. Carol

    Well done Ombudsman Commission for all your support.. I sincerely appreciate your time supporting my co -worker.
    May the Almighty Father continue to bless in all your daily Doings. 🙏🙏💯

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