Complainant receives payment for hire car service

A hire car service provider received a total of K11, 990 for services rendered to the Popondetta Provincial Treasury office. The payment comes after allegations of numerous valueless cheques.

Varika Aragatogo alleged in his complaint to the Ombudsman Commission that the provincial treasury deliberately raised valueless cheques to him.

Varika claimed that he presented the cheques to the bank for payment however, they bounced back. The provincial treasury trust account did not have funds.

The Commission served an investigation notice to the provincial treasurer. They also had a round table discussion in Popondetta, Oro Province.

Printing cheques deliberately or without due diligence is a serious financial misconduct and clearcut professional negligence from finance authorization officers. It is an abuse of processes that can amount to disciplinary charges.

The provincial treasurer admitted that his officers rushed into printing cheques at a time when accounts closed.

The valueless cheques were recalled and reprinted, and the complainant received his payment.


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