Contractor Complains of Alleged Unpaid Contract Works by District Administration

The Ombudsman Commission received a complaint from a contractor on alleged unpaid minor contract works in Palmalmal, Pomio District for a month in 2020.

The contractor claimed that in April 2019, his church group entered into a contract agreement with the Pomio District Administration to provide grass-cutting and upkeep of a block of land located at Jacquinot Bay Airstrip. The contract was payable on a monthly basis upon inspection and assessment by the Project Management Unit of Pomio District Administration. 

Appropriate action was taken by the Commission in referring the matter to the Office of the Pomio District Administration. The Commission was later informed by the Deputy District Administrator that cheques had been raised for all minor contract work orders to be deposited into the contractor’s accounts including the complainant and his church group.   

The contractor later confirmed that his group was paid about K13,000.00 in early 2022 after the Commission intervened. 

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