District Ward Councilor Receives K17,200.00 as Unpaid Salaries & Allowance after Ombudsman Commission Intervenes

In March 2023, the Ombudsman Commission received a complaint from a former ward councilor in one of the rural districts in Papua New Guinea. The complaint was against the department responsible for non-payment of the ward councilor’s salaries and allowances for three (3) consecutive years during his term as ward councillor and then deputy president in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively.  

The ward councilor claimed that he made numerous follow-ups and even produced evidence with records of his past pay slips to relevant persons within the responsible government department however, to no avail hence proceeded to file his complaint with the Commission. The Commission commenced its investigation by sending notices under the Organic Law of the Ombudsman Commission to relevant persons, authorities and financial institutions.

By June 2023, the Commission was advised by the government department responsible that the ward councilor’s matter had been resolved and that his member allowances were paid out in full by the department.

The Commission further received confirmation from the Bank that the ward councilor was paid K17,200.00 for his 3 years of service. 

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