Employees Receive Their Outstanding Wages After Two (2) Years

Four (4) employees of the East New Britain (ENB) Sports Development Authority complained to the Ombudsman Commission on the alleged delay by the Provincial Education Division in processing their outstanding salaries from 2015 to 2017.  

In 2014, the complainants were appointed by the then Chief Executive Officer of ENB Sports Development Authority. The Decision of their appointment was made by the Board of the ENB Sports Development Authority.

In 2016, the Provincial Executive Council endorsed an Annual Provincial Grant of K1.520 million to support the ENB Sports Development Authority and to cover all the operations of the organization as well as to pay for the wages of the complainants.  

The Commission commenced an investigation into the matter in 2019 and within five (5) months, the four employees were partly paid a sum of K53, 240.32. The Commission wrote letters and made continuous follow-ups until full payments were made on 20 December 2021.

The complainants as per the advice from the ENB Provincial Administrator, Mr. Wilson Matava to the Commission, confirmed that all outstanding wages have been settled with each complainant.

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