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Illegal printing of teachers’ payslips stopped

Teachers from Western Highlands Province (WHP) and the neigbouring provinces will not have to spend money for the printing of their pay-slips, thanks to the intervention of the Ombudsman Commission.

This comes after private companies have been charging teachers for the printing of payslips. Teachers within WHP were charged K10 per payslip while those from the neighbouring highlands provinces were paying K20 per payslip.

The Ombudsman Commission through its Highlands Regional Office in Mt Hagen learned of this practice through public notices advertising the printing service. This prompted the Commission to carry out an own initiative investigation into the illegal printing of teachers’ payslips.

The Commission raised the issue with the Education Department Secretary Dr Uke Kombra and he responded by writing to the Western Highlands Provincial Education Advisor to put a stop to the illegal printing of teachers’ payslips. Payslips were to be provided directly to teachers and no-one else.

Coincidentally, few months later the Education Department announced its online payslip system that allows teachers to access their payslips using their smartphones.


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  1. Thank you for that intervention. I has a teacher happy to hear atlast we have a mouth piece to talk on be half.
    Additionally I have some issues which teachers bear in silence.
    1.. Outstanding payments. Many teachers have got various outstanding payments which been overlooked for years and those are still pending. TSC referred to our division WHP but the Division ignored since.
    2. Unnecessarily putting teachers off from pay. After the Resumption Of Duty Summary Sheets (RODSS) entered the salary office in Waigani, that document is a token onbehalf of a teacher as he/she is currently an active teacher until and unless a separate document require changes. They shouldn’t be any on-off pay thing from teacher after the RODSS were actioned.
    Unnecessary switching teachers on n off has been a norm and that should be stopped.

    1. Hi Dickson,
      Thank you for your comment. We would advise that if you have issues with outstanding payments etc., try sort that out with the Education Department first. Ombudsman Commission should be your last resort. However, if you have tried and were successful you can submit a complaint including supporting documents to or complete our Online Complaint Form through the website.
      Thank you

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