Local contractor vs. Oro Provincial Administration

Better road links are much needed development aspects in all areas in Papua New Guinea.

This is no different to Oro Province where its Provincial Administration in its attempt to maintain road links had had to engage local contractors to do maintenance on its road links.

Maintenance was done on the Gewoto Section of Killerton Road, Popondetta in 2015 by a local contractor.

It was agreed that the local contractor would be paid after the completion of the road maintenance. The contractor as a result submitted a claim for K3, 248.00 to the Oro Provincial Administration on 9 February 2015.

The local contractor however, had had to wait for his claim for more than two years to the point where he decided to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission in 2017.

Upon the Commission’s inquiry into the complaint, Oro Provincial Administration made a payment of K3, 248.00 to the local contractor.


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