Who can make a Complaint?
Anyone can lodge a Complaint with the Ombudsman Commission.

How can you lodge a complaint?
You can lodge your complaint through;

Download the Complaint Form here.

Who can you lodge a complaint about?

  • Government Departments
  • Provincial Administrations,
  • Local Level Governments,
  • Government Universities
  • Statutory Agencies
  • Leaders who fall under the Leadership Code.

What issues can you lodge a complaint about?

  • Misappropriation or misapplication of funds
  • Mismanagement
  • Moral Issues
  • Abuse of Power
What happens to your complaint?
Complaints are assessed by the Intake and Screening Unit to determine whether they should be investigated or excluded. Complainants are advised in writing if a complaint will be investigated or not, or if further information is required. If a complaint requires investigation it is referred to the Complaints and Administrative Investigations Division. Once the investigation is completed complainants are advised of the Commission’s decision in writing.

How long will the Ombudsman Commission take to attend to your complaint?
It is hard to say how quickly the Commission will be able to resolve your complaint. It depends on how many complaints the Commission needs to attend to, how complex your case is and how much cooperation OC receives from government and agencies.

Will the information you give to the Ombudsman Commission become public knowledge?
All information obtained by the Commission through its investigation is confidential, even details of the complainant are confidential. This is to ensure that its investigations are not jeopardised. The Commission however, will only reveal information that it believes necessary to its investigations.

All officers of the Commission have taken an oath to promise that they will keep secret all information relating to cases it is investigating.

What we Investigate?
We can investigate Complaints against Government Departments including Provincial Administrations, Local Level Governments, Universities and Statutory Agencies.

We investigate complaints against Leaders who fall under the Leadership Code.

We cannot investigate:

  • Discriminatory practices by private bodies;
  • Complaints about private individuals or companies;
  • Complaints about decisions of the Court.

If your complaint is about any of the above, you can contact the Public Solicitor or a private