Moswarang Landowners receive ILG Certificate

Moswarang landowner executives receiving their ILG certificate from Director CAID, Mr Wrumongo while OC officers look on.

The Moswarang Landowners of Markham Local Level Government outside of Lae City in Morobe Province now have legal rights over their land after receiving the long awaited Incorporated Land Group (ILG) Certificate, thanks to the Ombudsman Commission for intervening on their behalf.

After numerous attempts to obtain an ILG certificate, an executive member of the Moswarang ILG lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission alleging that the Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP) was unfairly delaying the processing and issuing of the certificate.

The Commission uncovered in its investigation that an officer of the DLPP defrauded the landowners and deliberately evaded to provide appropriate assistance and guidance to them.

The Moswarang ILG executives upon receing the certificate and gazettal notice thanked the Commission for the assistance. They asked the Commission to conduct awareness on customary land registration and acquisition processes for those unregistered land groups who may need similar assistance.

“Thank you for having trust in our work – the Commission is here for the people,” said Timothy Wrumongo, Director Complaints & Administrative Investigations (DCAID) of the Commission.


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