NCDC Begins Work on City Issues after Ombudsman Commission’s Intervention

The National Capital District Commission has committed to address issues raised by the Ombudsman Commission beginning with the re-sealing and rehabilitation of the 2km Healy Parade road from Ela Beach Mobil Fuel Station to the Koki roundabout in the Moresby South electorate.

This was after the Ombudsman Commission called a meeting with the City Manager to discuss, these issues: 

  1. The bad state of the Hohola-Tokarara road (Kumrere Street to Koura Way), that many motorists use to avoid the traffic congestion on Waigani Drive.
  1. The bad state of the Healy Parade which is a main PMV route for people travelling to and from Town.
  1. Power outages on the street and traffic lights can cause traffic hazards.
  1. Domestic Waste – a general awareness to city residents on what waste should contractors be collecting and what they should be disposing of at their own costs.
  1. Potholes at the ATS roundabout that is causing traffic congestion.  

After the meeting, the City Manager committed to immediately look into the issues raised by the Commission. 

The Healy Road Rehabilitation project is one of the outcomes of the meeting with road works to proceed on Tuesday 9th May, 2023.

The road gives access to some very important city amenities which include the Koki Fish Market, the PNG Remembrance Memorial Park and the Koki South Side Fitness Centre.   The Ombudsman Commission appreciates the prompt response by the City Manager, Mr Ravu Frank BE (Civil), Ms Eng, MIE PNG, Reg Eng and the National Capital District Commission (NCDC)  to address the issues highlighted and thanks the National Capital District for implementing its direction.

The Healy Road Rehabilitation project is one of the outcomes of the meeting with the Ombudsman Commission.
Article is taken from Post Courier, 03/05/2023 pg. 40 Notice to the General Public. 

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