OC completes tendering of material evidence before the COI

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The Ombudsman Commission today completed the tendering of all material evidences through a Supplementary Affidavit before the Commission of Inquiry (COl) into the UBS Loan.

The final material evidence include copies of the covering letters to the Speaker of Parliament and the Clerk of Parliament dated 29 April 2019 which accompanied the Final Report on the UBS investigation.

This follows a request made by the Commission of Inquiry on 12 March 2020 for Acting Chief Ombudsman, Mr Richard Pagen to appear before the COl to discuss with the Commission any assistance that the
Ombudsman Commission may provide to the Commission of Inquiry including its access to the Ombudsman Commission’s report and documents cited in the Report.

The Acting Chief Ombudsman had initially presented his Affidavit on 25 May 2020 which included a copy of the letter to the Prime Minister Honourable James Marape, and the UBS Report (soft and hard copy).

Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry Sir Salamo Injia upon accepting the material evidences said the COl will study the evidence and raise questions on evidences tendered on a later date. He further said the statutory requirement of appointing overseas counsels and solicitors have not taken place as yet and once done the inquiry proper will commence thereafter.

The proceedings were adjourned to 6 July 2020 at 9:30am for directions hearing. Acting Chief Ombudsman was directed to appear on that date to receive directions on the progress of the COI.

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