OC to MPs: Follow processes during 2022 Elections

Members of Parliament have been urged to follow due compliance process when disbursing all funds allocated to the provinces and districts ear-marked for services and or project funding.

Speaking at the State Function Room at the Parliament Haus, Chief Ombudsman Richard Pagen outlined the Ombudsman Commission’s stand on the use of public funds by MPs during the campaigning and election period.

Mr Pagen was mainly addressing the lack of compliance in the use of public funds by MPs especially during the election period.

The Chief Ombudsman made it clear that the Commission will not put a total freeze on accounts as opposed to previous election period years but will still allow for payments provided that proper requisition and procurement processes are followed.

He said: “Ombudsman Commission has no intention to stop or prevent goods and services to flow or projects to be completed during the election period, hence, will establish an intergovernmental team comprising the Ombudsman Commission, and the Departments of Finance and Implementation and Rural Development to clear all genuine payments during the two months election period as was the case in 2017 election.”

“All accounts will have restricted access from the date of issue of writs until the eve of the formation of the new government,” said the Chief Ombudsman.

He added it is in accordance with Section 218 of the Constitution to ensure that the needs and aspirations of the people are fulfilled and government services continue even during the election period.    

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