OC wants explanation for the issuance of land title to a private company

The Ombudsman Commission has called upon the Department of Lands and Physical Planning and the National Capital District Commission to explain the issuance of title to a private company on the Gerehu 3B Recreational Park area which is causing widespread concern to the residents around the area and the National Capital District as a whole.

The Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning, Mr Benjamin Samson and the NCD City Manager Mr Bernard Kipit met with the Ombudsman Commission last week at which they were directed to provide all documentations in regards to processes involved in the issuance of title over the Gerehu 3B recreational park.

The Ombudsman Commission understands from the media reports that a company called Konda’lane Properties Ltd is claiming to have held a legitimate title over the area since 2018.

“Every suburb in Port Moresby has a recreational area and it is becoming a concern when private individuals or companies are claiming these areas for other purposes”, said the Chief Ombudsman, Richard Pagen.


In the meeting, the Secretary for Lands and the City Manager also expressed utmost concern over the alleged illegal development on the recreational park and have agreed to work with the Commission to ascertain the processes involved in issuing the title over the recreational park.

The Commission in exercising its powers under Section 218 (a) of the Constitution has called upon the two responsible government agencies to inquire into the due processes involved in issuing titles over such public or state owned areas.

The Commission is indeed very pleased to see these government agencies including the police taking the necessary steps to address this issue.

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