OC’s Investigation Results in Settlement of Outstanding Final Entitlements

The Ombudsman Commission’s investigation resulted in the payment of long overdue outstanding final entitlements owed to a former employee of a State Owned Enterprise (SOE). The former employee (‘the complainant’) of an SOE registered a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission after missing out on his final entitlements from resignation.

The Commission conducted an investigation pursuant to Section 219 of the Constitution and Section 13 of the Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission after receiving information that the former employee’s final entitlements were unnecessarily delayed by the SOE.

The investigation revealed that the complainant had served the SOE for four (4) years and resigned from active employment on personal grounds and his resignation was approved by the management. He then submitted all the necessary documents for his final entitlements to be calculated and paid to him.

However, his final entitlements were held back by the SOE for unknown reasons and he came and registered the complaint with the Commission. 

After an investigation by the Ombudsman Commission, the SOE finally released a payment of K20,138.31 to the complainant as his final entitlements and the Commission concluded its investigation and closed the file.

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