Officer back at work after wrongfully terminated

A Karen Miul from the Papua New Guinea Defense Force (PNGDF) is back at work after she alleged that she was wrong-fully terminated from her employment with the PNGDF in Octo-ber 2019 without any formal investigations.

Lieutenant Miul had alleged in her complaint to the Ombudsman Commission that the decision to terminate her employment was biased and that her salary was ceased without proper notice.

She claimed that the Chief of Personnel had a conflict of interest matter between a former warrant officer in the PNGDF and herself which led to her termination. Lt. Miul further claimed that the Chief of Personnel had a close relationship with the warrant officer hence his bias decision.

The Commission issued a notice to PNGDF advising of its inten-tion to investigate the matter on 11 May 2020.

It was established that PNGDF Major General Gilbert Toropo had withdrawn the decision to terminate Lt. Miul and advised to have her reinstated. However, the Chief of Personnel failed to act on the advice.

The Commission followed up with the complainant and she came in person advising that she was back at work and back on the payroll. She later sent a formal letter confirming the decision to rescind her termination.

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  1. Emmanuel Bemigo.

    I now understand the vast duty the Ombudsman Commission takes in making sure there is due diligence and care in all levels and sectors of leadership and governance.
    Hope that God Almighty continue to Bless, Protect and Guide all the Staff of the Ombudsman Commission and strengthen the operations and programs of the Commission in these times where negative social service culture seems to be wide spread.
    Without you we will be unable to control or even speak out of the unethical behaviors and conduct that disadvantages and or discourages us. You, the Ombudsman Commission, creates the scope of Conversion where we continue to hope for a better tomorrow.
    For Our People, Our Country and Our God.

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