Ombudsman Commission clarifies speculations on UBS Case

Recently, the social media had propagated both crucial details and false rumours based on allegations of Administrative Investigations into the UBS Case.

For the purpose of public information, the OC wishes to advise as follows:

  • The alleged Administrative Investigations into the UBS Case should remain the Ombudsman Commission’s in-house matter.
  • No Report of the Ombudsman Commission becomes a public document until the Commission presents a final report to the Parliament through the Office of the Speaker of Parliament.
  • The social media had broadcasted certain matters purported as facts of the UBS Report. This broadcasting is baseless and can be subject to criminal investigations. It must be noted that every person in the Ombudsman Commission, including the Members of the Commission, are under Oath of Secrecy therefore any act of divulging of Commission’s Investigation without Commission approval is a criminal offence.
  • Further, the social media had speculated that one of the Ombudsman had been suspended by the Ombudsman Appointing Committee (OAC). This is also baseless as no Ombudsman is suspended.
  • Any Member of the Commission (the Chief Ombudsman and the two Ombudsman), like any other leader is subject to the Leadership Code. Members of the Commission are all subject to public scrutiny therefore any misconduct by any Member of the Commission (MOC) will be dealt with under the Leadership Code.
  • The Ombudsman Commission is a three person decision making body comprising of the Chief Ombudsman and two Ombudsman. Its decisions are by two-third majority.
  • The Ombudsman Appointment Committee (OAC) is comprised of five (5) highly Independent persons. They are the Prime Minister; the Leader of the Opposition; the Chief Justice; the Chairman of the Public Services Commission; and the Chairman of Permanent Parliamentary Appointments Committee.
  • All Members of the Ombudsman Commission are appointed by the OAC. None of the Members of the Commission is appointed by the Government.


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