Ombudsman Commission enlists assistance of PNGDF to provide logistic support to Manus Provincial Government

The Ombudsman Commission has secured the assistance of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force to transport building material for the Manus provincial government from Lae, Morobe province to Lombrum, Manus province for the refurbishment of deteriorating police houses at the Wamandu Police Barracks.
Commander of Defence Force (CDF) Major-General Mark Goina made the undertaking during a meeting with Chief Ombudsman Richard Pagen at the PNGDF headquarters on Friday January 14, 2022, at Murray Barracks.
Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin three weeks ago made a commitment of K1.2 million to refurbish police houses at the Wamandu Police Barracks after the matter was brought to the attention of the Ombudsman Commission.
The Ombudsman Commission then offered to seek the assistance of the PNGDF Naval wing on behalf of the Manus Provincial Government to transport building materials from Lae, where the provincial government normally source their building material.
Chief Ombudsman Richard Pagen said that the Commission had initiated the undertaking in Manus and so as part of their bargain they would find ways to transport the material to Manus at a lower cost.
Maj-Gen Giona said he was happy to help deliver the material on one of their usual trips to Lombrum once the Manus government was ready with their material list and the payment was made.
He said they will have to use one of their heavy landing craft boats such as the HMPNGS Lakekamu but that will depend on the type of material being transported.
Mr Pagen thanked the Commander for his commitment and is now coordinating with the Manus Provincial Government to finalise their stock and the date of shipment.

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