Ombudsman Commission Stops Payment of K738, 418.00 to a Third-Party Contractor

The Ombudsman Commission’s Investigation has resulted in the stop payment of K738, 418.00 to a Third Party Contractor. 

The Ombudsman Commission conducted an investigation after receiving information that a payment of K738, 418.00 in public funds was about to be processed and paid to a Third Party Contractor who was engaged by the Main Contractor for the upgrading,  sealing and maintenance of road works. After the completion of the project, the Sub-Contractor submitted its claim for payment through two Government Departments when the Ombudsman Commission intervened.

Through the Ombudsman Commission’s investigation, it was established that there was no contractual agreement between the State and the Sub-Contractor. The investigation revealed that there was a valid contract between the State and the Main Contractor and therefore, the State was not liable to pay the Sub-Contractor. If the claim was approved for processing and payment, it would have been deemed administratively improper and erroneous.      

Based on the Commission’s findings, the claim by the Sub-Contractor for K738, 418.00 was stopped.   

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