Review of Enabling Legislation

One of the three key strategic priorities for the Ombudsman Commission is the review of its enabling legislation. This priority arises from the Government’s Alotau Accord, which adopted the Commission’s recommendation in its Brief to Government for a review of its laws and that the review should focus on changes that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the Commission.

The Legislative Review Project has achieved the following to date;

  • The OCPNG General Policy Paper on the Legislative Review provides the reform recommendations or an outcome of the Ombudsman Commission’s enabling legislation. It is the culmination of the feed-backs and comments collated from the various consultations and research work which were conducted during the reform project. And;
  • The policy looks holistically at the Ombudsman Commission’s enabling legislations and provides the best legislation approach on how to achieve its reform aim of improving its efficiency and effectiveness to fulfilling its roles and responsibilities as set out under Section 218 of the Constitution.

The Paper itself is divided into seven parts; it also contains an Executive Summary, Methodology and a Table on the Summary of proposed reforms.

The development of drafting instructions for each of the relevant legislations.

You can download a copy of the Discussion Paper here.

For more information contact Ms Tabitha Suwae – Director Legal Services on telephone 308 2637 or 308 2600.