Retired Primary School Receives K18, 246.24 in Final Entitlements

A retired primary school teacher in West New Britain Province complained to the Ombudsman Commission about the alleged delay by the Division of Education to process her final entitlements.

The teacher commenced her teaching career in 1975 in the Eastern Highlands Province and was later transferred to the West New Britain Province in 2004.

After retiring in January 2015, the teacher followed up on her entitlements with the Provincial Education Office however, she was advised that there was no personal file kept for her by the Provincial Education Office.      

The Commission commenced an investigation into the matter and within a few months, the teacher was paid K18,246.24 in final entitlements by the Department of Education. She received a net salary of K4,944.28 after tax and recovery deductions of K13,301.28.

As per advice from the Secretary of Education, the final entitlement calculations were based on the information available on the Alesco payroll system.

The Commission contacted the complainant and confirmed that she had received her entitlements.  

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