Retrenched Community Health Worker Receives Missing K10, 000.00 of Final Entitlements

A retrenched community health worker with the Morobe Provincial Health Authority complained to the Ombudsman Commission on the alleged missing K10,000.00 from her total final entitlement of K38, 560.48 after retrenchment.


The community health worker commenced her career as a health worker in 1974 in Madang Province and ended her 47 years of service to the Department of Health on 2 September 2021 with the Morobe Provincial Health Authority.  


According to the Deed of Release signed in September 2021, the community health worker was supposed to receive a total of K38, 560.48 however she only received K28, 560.48.  She claimed that she made several follow-ups with the Morobe Provincial Health Authority for the missing K10, 000.00 however, the Morobe Provincial Health Authority gave many excuses and delayed in addressing the issue.  


The Commission investigated the matter in April of 2022 and within three (3) months the Community Health Worker was paid the K10,000. 00 (missing final entitlements owed) by the Department of Health.   


The community health worker conveyed her gratitude to the Commission for assisting her in receiving the missing entitlement. 

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