Retrenched member back on pension

A retrenched member of the PNG Correctional Services (PNGCS) is back on pension, thanks to the Ombudsman Commission’s intervention.

Norlice Clemence had alleged in his complaint to the Commission that his pension payment was delayed by the PNGCS since April 2016.

Mr. Clemence was employed by PNGCS in January 1975 and after 31 years of service, ceased his employment in February 2006. He was part of the CS  ex-members who exited in April 2017.

During the initial assessment, it was  established that Mr. Norlice Clemence had an outstanding amount yet to be paid by the CS Management. The Commission issued Section 17(1) of the Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission (OLOC) notice to the Commissioner of PNGCS Stephen Pokanis on 12 August 2019 informing him of its intention to   investigate the matter.

The PNGCS responded to the Commission’s notice on the delay of the pension payment for Mr. Clemence two months later. The Commissioner confirmed that he had instructed the pension officer to put the retired officer back on pension as of September 2019.

The investigation was discontinued as the PNGCS Commissioner Pokanis had taken appropriate action to resolve the matter.

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