Secondary School Teacher Receives Salary Refund of K28,418.73

In August 2022, a secondary school teacher in Rabaul, East New Britain Province complained to the Ombudsman Commission. The teacher alleged that there was a delay in the refund of his returned salaries due to a dormant bank account status in 2020.   

The Commission made necessary enquiries with the Provincial Administration in November 2022. The matter was then referred by the Provincial Administration to the responsible division for appropriate action. The teacher was advised to have his bank account activated and to provide the necessary details to the Provincial Education Salary Payroll Section.

In mid-August 2023, the officer responsible at the Provincial Education Salary Payroll Section confirmed that the refund had been processed for Pay 17 for 23 August 2023.

By 24 August 2023, the teacher confirmed that he received his full refund amount of K28,418.73 and expressed great gratitude to the Commission.

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