Service Provider Received Outstanding Payment of K44, 600.00 after Ombudsman Commission’s Intervention

The Ombudsman Commission received a complaint from a private contractor in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB) alleging delay by the Office of the Member for South Bougainville in paying outstanding amounts of money for services rendered.

The Complainant’s company was engaged by the Office of the Member for South Bougainville to provide vehicle rentals from 21 January 2011 to 11 August 2021. After the engagement, there was no payment made to the service provider.

The Commission commenced an investigation into the matter and through its intervention, the Complainant was paid an instalment of K24 600 from December 2021 to 13 February 2022 when the outstanding balance of K2, 7000 in 2023 was paid. A total of K44, 600.00 was fully paid by the Office of the Member for South Bougainville.

To verify that the outstanding amounts of money have been paid, the Ombudsman Commission contacted the Complainant who confirmed that he had been fully paid for the services rendered. He said, he is pleased with the work of the Ombudsman Commission and is doing awareness in his locality for persons with any issues concerning governmental bodies to seek assistance from the Ombudsman Commission.

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