Student re-enrolls at school after Commission’s intervention

A student has been re-enrolled to repeat her grade nine after three years of being out of school, thanks to the Ombudsman Commission for its intervention.

Tracey Evari was in grade nine at Marianville Secondary School when she fell ill in 2016. She got admitted at a private hospital and was on medical treatment for some time and her absenteeism exceeded 30 schooling days. This prompted the school administration to advise her parents of her withdrawal due to medical reasons.

Towards the end of 2016, Tracey’s parents wrote to the District Education Advisor of National Capital District and the school principle for her re-enrollment to school in 2017 as per the advice from the school administration upon her withdrawal.

After numerous follow-ups and no positive outcome, a complaint was lodged with the Ombudsman Commission alleging prolonged delay and discriminatory issues.

The matter was treated as a violation of Human Rights – the Right to education and a Notice was served on the Education Department and a copy provided to Marianville Secondary School. The Commission further negotiated with the school and a resolution was reached.

Tracey’s family was thankful to the Ombudsman Commission for its assistance.