Teacher Finally on Payroll After 7 Years without Pay through OC Intervention

In February 2021 the Ombudsman Commission registered its own initiative investigation in relation to a number of elementary school teachers that have not received salaries since 2016.

In its enquiries with the relevant Department’s Salary Payroll Division, the Commission noted that most of these teachers were yet to be admitted by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) nor fully registered with allocated file numbers and yet to be established on the Alesco Payroll System by the relevant Department and the Provincial Salary Payroll.

In August 2021 the Commission commenced case conferences with the Provincial Education Payroll Section. It was verified that an elementary school teacher had been admitted by the Teaching Services Commission, pending the Department to complete the processes for registration, file allocation, and payroll processing.

The Commission made the decision to close its own initiative case in February 2023 and to register each complaint separately according to the named list received on a case-by-case basis.

Through the Commission’s referral of correspondences and case conferences with the Human Resources and the Salary Payroll Division from July to October 2023, the Teacher has been fully registered, allocated a file number and placed on payroll. The teacher was also back paid her outstanding salaries of K9,397.20 on Pay 15 of 2023.

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