Teacher in Oro Complains of Inaccessible Payslips Online

A primary school teacher in Oro Province lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission regarding difficulties accessing payslips from the Oro Division of Education.

The Department of Education had encouraged teachers to use the online system to access their pay slips, however, the teacher claimed that other teachers including her could not access their pay slips online. As a result, she had been paying between K5 to K20 at stationery shops for her pay slips to be printed because the Oro Division of Education failed to assist the teachers in providing their pay slips.

Through the Commission’s intervention, the Oro Division of Education confirmed in November 2022 that the matter had been addressed by reprimanding the responsible officer. Teachers’ pay slips are now being printed and issued by the Oro Division of Education as the online system was unreliable.

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