Teacher paid outstanding salaries

A TVET trained teacher incorrectly placed in a primary school teaching position, was paid K7, 931.20 and posted to a vocational school, her correct teaching position after she lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission. The teacher had lodged a complaint against the National Department of Education (NDoE) in 2018 alleging non-payment of salaries and incorrect posting.

The Commission enquiries revealed that an internal investigation carried out by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) established that she had a diploma in Vocational Education Training (Pre-Service) which warrants her to teach in a vocational centre and not a primary school. In order for her to teach in a community/primary School, she must have a diploma in Primary Education or Teachers Certificate with DEP (1) or DES Primary or Degree in Education Administration. Thus, she was not placed on salary since the date of her teaching at Inauaia Primary School.

As a result, her appointment at Inauaia Primary School was rejected by TSC. However, TSC advised the Provincial Education Board (PEB) of Central Provincial Administration (CPA) to place her in a vocational centre or lay her off from teaching and pay her salaries from their own vote for services rendered from 23 February 2007 up to the date of the notice.

After numerous follow-ups and dialogues with TSC, the complainant was then informed that PEB of CPA was advised to implement the TSC’s decision to budget and make payment for the services she rendered when she was incorrectly appointed to teach at Inauaia primary school in 2007. However, no favourable outcome was received.

The Commission did a thorough investigation on TSC & CPA and the matter was resolved in 2019.

The PEB of CPA had also corrected her appointment, and now she is currently teaching at a vocational school in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.

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  1. Dickson Goraiye

    I also launched a complaint some 2 years back but have not received any feed backs yet.

  2. Website Admin

    Hi Dickson, we will follow up on your complaint.


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