The Change Of Counting Venue Of Lagaip Open Electorate By-Election In Wabag, Enga Province To Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province


The Ombudsman Commission wishes to inform the public that it is looking at the issues regarding the decision to change the counting venue for the Lagaip Open Electorate By-Election from Wabag to Goroka without prior consultation.

The Ombudsman Commission understands that the Electoral Commissioner has the prerogative provided by the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections to decide on matters concerning the conduct of Elections in the country, however, he is assisted by the Election Advisory Committee for provision of Advice and also has the power to delegate some of his functions to the Returning Officer.

The Ombudsman Commission acknowledges that the Lagaip Open Electorate has faced many challenges during elections, however, before forming a conclusive judgment on the election’s conduct and counting, the Ombudsman Commission strongly recommended that the Electoral Commissioner must consult the relevant stakeholders, including the Provincial Administration and the Provincial Administrator to allow for a genuine interchange and consideration of views.

The Ombudsman Commission has a duty to assist the Electoral Commissioner to protect his integrity as a leader and has reminded him that his conduct during this critical period is being closely observed, both nationally and internationally.

 It is therefore crucial for the Electoral Commissioner to be reminded of his roles and responsibilities prescribed by the Constitution and that when making decisions he must maintain integrity of his office and keep the public’s trust that we the people have in him and his office.

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RICHARD PAGEN                                                                                          KEVIN KEPORE

CHIEF OMBUDSMAN                                                                                  OMBUDSMAN

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  1. Mathew Aiyu

    This is a profound decision by OMBUDSMAN, interrogated decision by one party can create mass to a society were law and order is norm. Before making any call, genuine parties need to be informed.
    From my observation I think electoral commission has been compromised since last election up until to date.
    Way forward into the future right people with right mindset need to occupy such important position.

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